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The Mories

Memento Mori – Remember you die

Cryptomories is a collection of 10k unique digital skeletons, each a reminder of life’s fleeting beauty, underpinning the ‘Memento Mori’ ethos.

NFT CollectionNFT Collection
Cryptomories, driven by the ethos of “Memento Mori – Remember you die,” are a unique NFT collection that extends beyond the digital landscape. These symbolic creations are more than just collectibles; they represent a profound philosophy of cherishing life’s fleeting moments.
As a prominent presence in the NFT space, Cryptomories are recognized not only for their artistic value but also for their dedication to promoting mental well-being.

Community impact

Partnership with Impact Suite was a significant step in supporting our entire 12K community well-being, symbolizing our dedication to more than just digital art.


Days in Web3

Over 650 days in the Web3 space have afforded us the invaluable opportunity to build, acquire knowledge, and empower our ever-evolving ecosystem

As we grow, we’re branching out from digital art into significant presences in gaming, sports, and more.

27 Nov 23

The Mories Unleashes New Gaming Experience

In a dynamic expansion of their portfolio, Boom & Bloom announces the development of the Cryptomories Game, a forthcoming addition to the Web3 gaming landscape.
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