27 Nov 23

The Mories Unleashes New Gaming Experience

In a move that mirrors the forward-thinking ethos of today’s digital art and investment sphere, Cryptomories, a standout in the NFT art world, and Boom & Bloom, a renowned producer in the Web3 space, have come together in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration is poised to infuse the Web3 gaming arena with a new level of innovation and creative prowess.

The Mories
Echoing the synergistic blend of art and investment seen in the digital realm, as highlighted in conversations with figures like DCinvestor, this partnership between Cryptomories and Boom & Bloom marks a unique intersection of artistic vision and technological advancement.
Their collaboration sets the stage for a new paradigm in digital gaming, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 ecosystem.

Integral to this partnership is the innovative use of tokenomics, a concept increasingly recognized as crucial in the digital art investment landscape. Boom & Bloom’s expertise in this area will be key in developing an economic model that enhances the gaming experience, offering players not just entertainment but also investment opportunities within the game’s ecosystem.

In line with the trend of strategic alliances shaping the digital art market, Cryptomories and Boom & Bloom are extending their collaboration to include partnerships with leading game and digital studios. These alliances are expected to unlock new dimensions in Web3 gaming, contributing to a landscape brimming with innovation and diversity.

28 Nov 23

Boom & Bloom Enters the Ring

Boom & Bloom, a leading force in Web3 project production, proudly announces its venture into the Web3 gaming arena, marking a bold new chapter in our journey.
27 Nov 23

The Mories Unleashes New Gaming Experience

In a dynamic expansion of their portfolio, Boom & Bloom announces the development of the Cryptomories Game, a forthcoming addition to the Web3 gaming landscape.
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