SpikySpaceFish United

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SpikySpaceFish United

The Mystical World of Lejopan

SpikySpaceFish United centers around the planet Lejopan, home to an array of mystical alien species and the rare Spiky Space Fish. With 10,000 randomly generated NFT artworks, SSF aims to build a collaborative sci-fi universe.

NFT CollectionNFT Collection
Lejopan is an vibrant planet with deep oceans and verdant islands, inhabited by a diversity of alien races, beasts, and droids. It is orbited by the elusive Spiky Space Fish
The colorful Spiky Space Fish race around Lejopan’s rings. Some Lejopaners worship them as gods, others see them as food, causing overfishing.

Unique holders

With over 3000 unique holders, the Spiky Space Fish community continues to thrive and grow. Become a part of this cosmic family as we explore the infinite possibilities of Lejopan and the captivating Spiky Space Fish.


Unique NFTs

Each Space Fish is brought to life through traditional inking techniques before being digitally colored, making the artwork unique and one-of-a-kind.

As we grow, we’re branching out from digital art into significant presences in gaming, sports, and more.

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