Los Samos

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Los Samos

Revolution in Color

Los Samos is a blast of revolutionary energy in the NFT space. Vibrant, bold, and unapologetically unique, each piece in this collection is a celebration of artistic freedom. Drawing inspiration from Basquiat’s SAMO, Los Samos represents a fierce break from the mundane.

NFT CollectionNFT Collection
Los Samos
LOS SAMOS isn’t just about owning digital art; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that challenges the status quo.
Each 1:1 artwork is a manifesto for change, urging its holders to be pioneers in a new era of artistic expression.

Unique NFTs

Owning a Los Samos piece means joining a dynamic community of artists and enthusiasts who are reshaping the narrative of digital art. It’s a platform for collective creativity and vibrant discussions.


Unique Holders

Since its inception in July 2021, Los Samos has carved out a distinct identity in the digital art world. This journey symbolizes a relentless pursuit of innovation and community building.

As we grow, we’re branching out from digital art into significant presences in gaming, sports, and more.

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